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Additional Services

Additional Services_3D-Konstruktion Bayerlein GmbH

Due to our many years of experience in tool and mold making, we offer a wide range of other services.

One of our services is demolding and structure blasting. Hereby we are able to produce contour surfaces in the visible area.

In addition, we also offer a repair and maintenance service for tools. Here it is important to us to make our customers' molds ready for use again in the shortest possible time and with the greatest precision. No matter whether we are stand in the advisory function or to manufacture spare parts, we are gladly at your side. Just contact us.

So that we can guarantee the highest level of precision, we must also be able to measure it. Therefore we measure the manufactured components for their quality.

In addition to the listed services, we offer a variety of other services.

Let us convince you. We shape your ideas. Contact us.

Additional Services_3D-Konstruktion Bayerlein GmbH
Additional Services_3D-Konstruktion Bayerlein GmbH

Further services

Demolding and structure blasting

Repair and maintenance service

Quality measurement


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